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55th - August 17, 2013

Home of:
Kay Carmickle Kirkpatrick
8609 Rochester Ave
Lubbock, TX 79424

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54th - May 5, 2012

Home of Dan and Barbara Ehrhorn
2900 Dennis Rd.
Weatherford, TX 76087
Dan Erhorn's Home
Annual Summer Meeting May 5, 2012
Dan and Barbara Ehrhorn hosted the summer meeting of LHS'58 classmates on Saturday, May 5, 2012 at their beautiful home near Weatherford, just west of Fort Worth. Kay Carmickle Kirkpatrick has hosted summer meetings for several years at her home in Lubbock, but this year she has joined with the DFW area group to move the summer meeting to the DFW area. Click Here for details. Pre-registration was available on the website by clicking here. Also, the Newsletter Archives contained the latest information and the postcard registration form was here. Click here to see some photos and here to see a video of the gift presentation..

50th - June 19 - 22, 2008

Park Plaza Holiday Inn
3701 South Loop 289
Lubbock, TX 797423

After several years of planning by Kay Carmickle Kirkpatrick and her committee, the Class of 1958's 50th year reunion was held in June 2008. The week-end was filled with activities including a golf tournament, a tour of the Buddy Holly museum and a tour of Lubbock High School. Aging Westerners enjoyed a sock hop, karaoke and a musical jam fest among other activities. "Peggy Sue" was even there, signing her book.

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The following classmates attended:

Alma Hill Dunn Helen Cook Robnett Lydia Farris Kidd
Anna Jones Edwards Hershell Pruitt Mac Shaw
Barbara Brazell Reed Hinda Kahn Abrahamson Marilyn Woods McElya
Barbara Thompson Jack Tillinghast Mickey McDonald
Betty Blue Turner James Holder Myrna Sue Carter Eades
Bill Gann James Tabor Myrl Raines Robinson
Bill Spain Jane Allen Southerland Nancy Adams Barnes
Bill Stovall Jay Kinnison Nancy Wooten Pilkington
Billy Smyrl Jerry Cowan Pat Avara
Bob Glazner Jerry Sandlin Anderson Pat Humphrey McBroom
Bobby Hunt Jim Hendon Pat McDonald
Bonnie Edwards Deaver Jim Nixon Patsy Cummins Gregg
Carma Middleton BellJimmy Oldham Peggy Sue Gerron
Carol Cromer BassingerJoan Carvey Rice Preston Johnson
Carol Wheeler CurrieJoe Peddy Pug Mahon
Charles Hill Johnny Clemmons Rames "Red" Mowery
Cherolyn Pruitt Johnny Oldham Ray Beddingfield
Clinton Maner Johnny Walker Richard Hopson
Costa Dunias Johnny Webb Rosenell Haney Bullock
Dan Ehrhorn Jonnie Wren Santoro Sam Lytal
Dan Harris Joy Darden Jones Sharon Sutherland Seymour
Dan Kelly Joyce Smith Manning Shirley Brewer Schulze
Dana Noble Hardcastle Judy Nutt PoseyShirley Freeman Brawner
Daphana Dancer Pendley Karen Harrison OdamSpurgeon Strandtmann
David Cowan Karen Spruiell Neimeth Sue Trumble Childress
Delmer Bass Kathy Everett Young Susan Philbrick Sticksel
DeWitt Weaver Kay Carmickle Kirkpatrick Suzanne McNeil Shipman
Dick Kennedy Kay Eller Heddy Ted Pope
Dixie McEachern Jones Larry Byers Tom Roberts
Don SledgeLarry Hampton Tommy Bacon
Donald Weldon Larue Elliott Cochran Tommy Herrington
Donna Keith Lacy Lawrence Banks Tony Moyers
Donna Beth Dunn Simes Lawrence Osborn Veronyka Tremer Vance
Dorothy Allen Good Lewis Rix Virginia Combs Rowden
Emily Ann Cardwell Lewis C Barr Virginia McCray Bettes
Frankie McCain O'Neil Linda Jordan Harper Wanda Gunter Byres
Gayla Hodge Linda Owen Spanswick Wood Marcy
Georgia Scott Snell Linda Kay Lane Abrams Wylda Thomas Darden
Geraldine Gowens Gentry Linda Sue Smith Reagan
Glenda Walker McElroy Loren Langston

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