October 2016

Why Am I receiving This Newsletter?:

For several years the LHS Class of 1958 has had a website, Facebook page and Electronic Newsletters. We have always welcomed Westerners of any graduation year to join us on Facebook.

Recently Gary Milburn (’60) asked for our assistance in location former students of Coach Jerry Crawford who was to celebrate his 90th birthday last month. One thing led to another and we developed an E-mail list of 1958 - 60 LHS grads to use in soliciting birthday cards for Coach Crawford. This newsletter contains a heartfelt “Thank You” note from Coach Crawford.

We are actively searching for more e-mail addresses for 1958-60 graduates, so please contact myself, Gary Milburn or Kaye Edwards Moeser (’59) with any information you may have.

Jim Nixon

Hello Westerners:

DFW Area Meeting

Graduates of Lubbock High school living in the Dallas - Ft. Worth area get together frequently to re-live the past. The next scheduled meeting is this Thursday, October 20th. The meeting will be at the Glory House restaurant in downtown Irving starting at 11:30am.

All members of the 1958-60 classes are invited to attend. The contact individual is Dan Ehrhorn at or 817-341-3263

Lubbock High Class of 1958 Facebook Page

Membership is open to 1958 Graduates of Tom S. Lubbock High School and graduates from other years who meet certain criteria. Honorary membership is also available. Individuals may request membership or they can be recommended by a member. The Administrator (Jim Nixon) MUST APPROVE all new members.

This group is for sharing our memories of Lubbock High circa 1958. It is a fun place, not a debate room, nor a political forum, so please behave accordingly. If you join this group, you will see EVERY posting by other members. There is no way to block or filter certain postings such as "Happy Birthday". Your only option is to leave the group.

Coach Crawford – 90th Birthday

From Gary Milburn - Class of 1960

LHS friends,
I know you will enjoy reading the following and sharing it with those you know were a part of the "birthday card campaign". Please know that each of you were a vital part in our reaching and exceeding the goal of 90 birthday cards. What started out for me as a campaign to have at least 90 cards reach Coach Crawford for his 90th birthday, evolved into much more for Coach and Martha.

The participation by you helped created a week of excitement, anticipation, fellowship, walks down memory lane in person and pen, and heart felt appreciative love that is known by too few teachers. Thanks so "very much" for your participation for one of our beloved teachers and coaches.

I will be sending out the following email from coach to those that responded directly to me. I hope Bill will be able to have Coach's response included in his class's October Newsletter. (I wish all our classes were as organized)

Jim Nixon, thank you for incorporating the class of "58 email addresses in with the class of "57. I believe all of your volunteers responded back to me. I hope you agree, the participants in this project should know of its success.

Georgene Oatman Crolley was instrumental in getting Ray Westbrook, of the Avalanche Journal, to write an article about Coach Jerry Crawford's 90th birthday and his life. The article is "scheduled” to be in the September 26th A/J.

Best wishes ...


Date: September 24, 2016 at 11:54:59 AM CDT
To: "Gary B. Milburn"
Subject: Birthday Responses

Good morning, Gary!

The responses from your announcement of my 90th birthday have been overwhelming. It was so good, and much appreciated to have cards, phone calls, home visits and many types of greetings from dear friends gained over the years. It is a well-known fact that stories, memories and other things are highly exaggerated after several years of time. I cannot believe that I was that good of a fellow, teacher, and mentor as was expressed in the over 110 responses to your Facebook, email, or whatever you used for this exciting thing, but I thank you so much for reconnecting me with so many good friends. If I was as good as everyone said in their responses, I could walk on water, and my feet are still dry!

As of today, September 24, 20016, I have received 107 cards, in addition to phone calls and home visits. I would like to answer these greetings by mail, phone calls, or visits, but could not finish that before I turn 100, so will you please forward this email to all my wonderful friends, giving them my heartfelt thanks for their loving kindness to an old man, and letting them know that I love them all, and send a big hug to each one. And again, thanks for getting the ball rolling on this nationwide, and one from England, announcement of the second coming of Coach Jerry Crawford. Martha is putting all my birthday cards in huge folders so my present and future family members will recognize that I did some things right.

Oh, thanks to you and Deanne for the fancy school related cookies you sent.


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