June 2014

July 19, 2014
TO: LHS’58 Classmates

FROM: Kay Carmickle Kirkpatrick

I hope this finds all of you doing well, or close to it. It is that time of the year again. Time for our 56th class reunion. Time flies when you are having fun. As usual, it will be in our backyard, or in the house if it should rain. I hope as many of you as possible will try to come. Our class shrinks a little bit each year, and we sure do want to see you again.

We have had many requests for the week-end of Saturday, July 19th for our date, as Mac Davis is appearing in Lubbock on that night. I don’t have many particulars regarding the performance but that can be procured from the Cactus Theater website or our LHS’58 Facebook page.

I had my computer cleaned up and it blew out all my e-mail addresses. I would appreciate it if you would all send me your new physical and e-mail addresses and your phone numbers, preferably cell numbers. The only ones I have are the people I have heard from since the incident. My new e-mail address is.

We will gather at 11:00am at our house on Saturday morn, July 19th. We still live at 8609 Rochester Avenue in Lubbock. Anyone needing directions, please call me at 806-794-6164 (home) or 806-787-7029 (cell). We will furnish the meat and drinks, as well as the paper goods and plastic ware. Please bring whatever you would like to for the spread. We will have lunch about 12:30, and use the leftovers for dinner that evening. We always wind up with the most delicious assortment of goodies from our group. As always, it is totally casual. Dress for comfort. No one here to impress. Bring all your newest pictures of families, grandbabies and great-grandbabies, (our number 6 great-baby is on the way).

The Homewood Suite is still the best buy for the money hotels. It’s centrally located, too. We do have some road construction going on here, and that changes from day to day, but not as much as Dallas and Houston. Last year many of you stayed at the Arbor Inn & Suites which is still a good option.

There is no cover charge for this gathering. Just bring your sweet selves, and if you want to drop a little something in the pot, you can, but sure don’t have to. Our back yard looks like a bombing site this year. Our yard man used the sprayer that he had sterilized alleys at the rent houses with to fertilize our back yard, so we have more dead grass than green. Then this past weekend, one of the big rainstorms took down our most beautiful, biggest tree in the yard, a 40’ Globe Willow. It also took out most of our fence on the South side. I had been wishing I had more sunny areas to plant in, but I sure didn’t want to lose my favorite tree.

I am probably leaving something out, as usual, and I am counting on Jim Nixon to find it for me and correct or add whatever. Or you can call me. Jack and I are both looking forward to seeing as many of you as can make it. Jack feels like he is now a member of our class. He has attended more of our reunions than his own class. Love from all of you from both of us.

Kay Carmickle & Jack Kirkpatrick

Also, to give us an idea of who’s coming, you can pre-register on this spreadsheet or go to our website at for more details as they become available.

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